Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yeah! Germany just won their first game in the world cup. I am so excited about being a party of their country pride and spirit during the World Cup. Right now I am sitting in my apartment after returning from the weekend, watching the sports news (in German) so clearly i am no comprehending anything being said, but I feel like I'm a part of their culture because they are going crazy. I hear cars honking, fire works (which are as loud as gun shots), crowds cheering and singing...they are crazy about their 'football'. Sometime this week I am going to find myself a German scarf to wear when we go out to bars, plazas, and resturants to watch the games. I want to blend in with the local fans. A group of us are going to attempt to learn a German football cheer so they would never know that we are Americans. If they try to further celebrate with us...well just read back the cheer because we wont be able to go into a full conversation. People are wearing flags on their backs, black + red + yellow wigs, horns, black +red + yellow leis, face paint, and of course celebrating with their beir. The atmosphere reminds me of the movie 'green street hooligan' minus the gangs and fighting. I am so excited to be involved with their celebration and I will be cheering for Germany as the World Cup continues. If the U.S. ever plays Germany (doubtful) I will still be routing for Germany...I am not willing to put my life in danger because I don't think I will get a positive response over here. Well, GO GERMANY!

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